Riesling Review

Posted by David on 16th Nov 2017

John Hughes, or Rieslingfreak as he’s better known, is a winemaker who makes my job easy. Not only does he knock out fantastic wines, but when it’s time to write about him, as I’ve done for several years now, there’s always something new and exciting going on. You can’t help but admire John - hardworking, diligent and always wanting to know more, and 2017 has been a year in which his efforts were finally rewarded. This was a year of accolades for John and I doubt there’s anyone more deserving. J
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A Bunch of Rosés for the Table

Posted by David on 9th Nov 2017

Rosé. At last it seems this wonderful style has found a place at the Australian table.For years there was very little rosé available in Australia and what was here was pretty ordinary. I wondered if no one appreciated rosé because the quality was so poor or vice versa. Either way, there’s no doubt it had an image problem here for many years. But as Australian tastes have evolved, we’ve realised just how suited it is to our lifestyle and the way we entertain.In France rosé has outsold white wine
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Bollinger Branches Out

Posted by David on 1st Nov 2017

It’s that time of year. Champagne and Prosecco are must haves but there are plenty of other interesting sparkling drops to enjoy. (Don’t panic, we do have Champagne and Prosecco). For me, the Loire Valley is a go-to place for interesting wines. The region produces a huge variety of styles, more than any other French region, including red, white, rosé, even sweet dessert styles. But did you know that the Loire is a sparkling winepowerhouse, second only to Champagne in production? Tra
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Soave To Savour

Posted by David on 19th Oct 2017

I love this description of Soave by Englishman Charles G. Bode, in his 1956 book Wines of Italy, “it tastes as a very clear, sunny sky might taste if one could drink it.” A lot has changed in 60 years, but thankfully a good Soave is still as Mr Bode describes. Soave is a dry Italian white wine as well as the name of the region in which it’s grown. There is also a medieval village bearing the name Soave. The vineyards of Soave sit around the city of Verona, in the larger region o
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The French Evolution - Beyond Burgundy

Posted by David on 5th Oct 2017

We had such a good response to these wines earlier this year, and many of you have asked if we will be getting more. The answer is yes, but these are the last we have available and stocks are limited. Here's a recap... Laurent Delaunay is a fifth generation Burgundian producer and negociant. He lives with his family in a village just west of Nuits-St-Georges in the north of Burgundy. A couple of years ago I quizzed him about the mind-boggling prices of land in Burgundy. He said tha
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