Bottle and Glass Tastings

Posted by David on 6th Mar 2017

Getting to taste wonderful wines from around the world on your behalf is one of the great pleasures of life here at Bottle and Glass. We aim to put together descriptions good enough to let you choose not only wines you know you'll like, but also to push the boundaries a bit, to discover new tastes, textures and styles.

With our new office in Bondi Junction nearly complete, we finally have a space to invite you to taste these wines for yourself. Our first tasting will be held on Thursday May 4th 2017, the details of which will be emailed to our subscribers once our new front doors are on and the final whiff of paint has dispersed. We can't wait to meet you.

Also, if you're not a Sydney local but you're going to be in town anytime, please let us know. We'd love you to drop in and taste wine with us.