Classic Chianti

Posted by David on 21st Sep 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve offered a Chianti but I've recently found one by a top winemaker, with a few years age on it, that's delicious and at the right price. Also, while it has no bearing on the wine inside, I like the label. Chianti is one of the most recognisable names in wine, perfect for when something not too esoteric is required on the table. But while it’s well-known, what exactly is Chianti? For many it’s a bottle, clad in a straw basket (a fiasco - no, that’s what it
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Grenache Destined for Greatness

Posted by David on 14th Sep 2017

Wine is fashion. Years ago I heard a highly respected winehead proffer this opinion and I was sceptical. But I’ve come to realise it’s true. Like fondue and beards - wines go in and out of favour. Where was NZ Sauv Blanc fifteen years ago? And super oaky Chardonnay and over-the-top Shiraz, so prevalent in the early 90s, have given way to leaner, more savoury styles. It’s important though to make the distinction between fashion and quality. If you do this you’ll come across wines
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Perfect Pinot Gris

Posted by David on 31st Aug 2017

Ned Goodwin became Japan’s first MW in 2010. Born in London, raised in Australia and educated in Tokyo and Paris, his CV is simply extraordinary. But it was a quote by him earlier this year that caught my attention. It was simple but astute. "Riesling with South East Asian food is a fallacy. We've had it pushed down our throats that Riesling goes well, but it doesn't go well at all. The higher acidity exacerbates chilli heat and pungency. Pinot Gris conversely, is fairly low acid; is fa
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Warm Winter Reds

Posted by David on 17th Aug 2017

Warming, delicious and best of all affordable - here are some favourite reds that’ll hit the spot. Head Wines Head Red Shiraz 2015 Alex Head is a winemaker who works hard and continues to go from strength to strength. He’s been making wine in the Barossa for a mere 10 years yet in that short space of time has gained a reputation for the quality of his wines - a huge achievement in a region where it’s not unusual for a winery to have 100 years on the scoreboard. Taking h
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Rieslingfreak NEWSFLASH

Posted by David on 31st Jul 2017

Talent and hard work have combined to spectacular effect this week for South Australia’s John Hughes of Rieslingfreak.John’s Rieslingfreak No.3 Clare Valley Riesling 2017 picked up an extraordinary clutch of awards yesterday at the KPMG Sydney Royal Wine Show, including:The KPMG Perpetual Trophy for the Best Wine of ShowThe Albert Chan Memorial Prize for Best White of ShowThe Douglas Lamb Perpetual Trophy for Best Riesling of ShowThe RAS of NSW Annual Prize for Best Young White of ShowThe Tucker
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