Brave New Barbera

Posted by David on 27th Apr 2017

Piedmont (Piemonte) is a key region for any wine lover. Located in northwest Italy, bordering both France and Switzerland, and surrounded by the Alps, it’s a stunning landscape, home not only to some of the world’s greatest wines, but also to some of the best everyday quaffers.The most famous wines of Piedmont are undoubtedly Barolo and Barbaresco, both made from Nebbiolo. Despite being synonymous with the region, they only account for about 3% of production.Barbera is the region’s most widely g
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Looking at Languedoc

Posted by David on 6th Apr 2017

Laurent Delauney is a fifth generation Burgundian producer and negociant. He lives with his family in a village just west of Nuits-St-Georges in the north of Burgundy. I dined with Laurent a few years ago and quizzed him about the mind-boggling prices of land in Burgundy. He acknowledged that young Burgundians found it difficult to access this closed shop and said it was the main reason for looking further afield. In the mid-90s Laurent and wife Catherine explored what was then consi
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Middle Loire Blanc et Rouge

Posted by David on 23rd Mar 2017

Most people associate the term Anjou with rosé; hardly a surprise given that about half the wines labelled with the term are indeed rosé. But there are a few other wine styles associated with Anjou. Anjou is a wine region located within the magnificent Loire Valley. Traditionally, the Loire has not been considered one of France’s prestige wine regions; this honour falling to Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne. The upside of this is that while the quality of Loire wines has improved s
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Super Tempting Tuscans

Posted by David on 10th Mar 2017

Super Tuscans - what exactly are they? “A term sometimes used by English speakers to describe the innovative wines labelled as Vino Da Tavola made in the central Italian region of Tuscany, which emerged in the 1970s.” But there’s more to it than this simple definition from The Oxford Companion to Wine. Back in the 1960s, if you were making wine in Tuscany, appellation laws determined where, what and how you could grow grapes, as well as how you could make your wine. Sangioves
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In Praise of Pinot

Posted by David on 6th Mar 2017

What is it that makes Pinot Noir so special? The protagonist in the film Sideways, is asked the same question. Many wine drinkers have a fascination with Pinot Noir - and with good reason. When good, it manages to capture the seemingly contradictory combination of finesse and power. Ethereal is a word often used by devotees, as are smooth, silky and sensual. Its fragrance, elegance and delicacy in no way diminish its ability to be bold, structured and assertive though. It can be complex, de
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