Jeroboam or Methuselah?

Posted by David on 5th Mar 2017

You didn't think it would be straightforward did you?

There are two main naming conventions for bottle size - one covers Champagne and Burgundy, the other of course covers Bordeaux. Here they are:

Piccolo or Split 187.5ml A quarter standard bottle size - typically used for a single serving of Champagne.
Demi or Half 375ml Half the standard bottle size.
Jennie 500ml Used for Tokaj, Sauternes, Jerez and other dessert wines.
Standard Bottle 750ml Standard bottle size.
Magnum 1.5L  2 bottles - Bordeaux, Burgundy & Champagne
Double Magnum 3L 4 bottles - Bordeaux
Jéroboam 3L 4 bottles - Burgundy & Champagne
Jéroboam 4.5L 6 bottles - Bordeaux
Réhoboam 4.5L 6 bottles - Burgundy & Champagne
Impériale 6L 8 bottles - Bordeaux
Methuselah 6L 8 bottles - Burgundy & Champagne
Salmanazar 9L 12 bottles - Burgundy & Champagne
Balthazar 12L 16 bottles - Burgundy & Champagne
Nebuchadnezzar 15L 20 bottles - Burgundy & Champagne
Melchior 18L 24 bottles - Burgundy & Champagne

Generally the list stops there, but you may also hear the following sizes referred to (mainly as publicity stunts).

Solomon 18L 24 standard bottles    
Sovereign 26.25L 35 standard bottles    
Primat or Goliath 27L 36 standard bottles    
Melchizedek or Midas 30L 40 standard bottles