Rieslingfreak NEWSFLASH

Posted by David on 31st Jul 2017

Talent and hard work have combined to spectacular effect this week for South Australia’s John Hughes of Rieslingfreak.

John’s Rieslingfreak No.3 Clare Valley Riesling 2017 picked up an extraordinary clutch of awards yesterday at the KPMG Sydney Royal Wine Show, including:

  • The KPMG Perpetual Trophy for the Best Wine of Show
  • The Albert Chan Memorial Prize for Best White of Show
  • The Douglas Lamb Perpetual Trophy for Best Riesling of Show
  • The RAS of NSW Annual Prize for Best Young White of Show
  • The Tucker Seabrook Perpetual Trophy for Best State Show Wine
  • 98 points (Gold Medal)

The prestigious Tucker Seabrook Trophy is awarded to the best wine of the seven major Capital City Wine Shows held around Australia in the previous twelve months. Each show submits their ‘Wine of Show’ for a final round of judging at Sydney Royal. Over 17,000 wines have been judged to reach this point.

We’ve been banging on about its value for years but it’s unheard of for a wine at this price to receive accolades like these. As you can imagine, there's been huge demand for Rieslingfreak today, so if you’d like dibs on some, get in quickly.
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The other gem and the second highest scoring Riesling at the show was John’s Rieslingfreak No.2 Polish Hill River Riesling 2017. It bagged a Gold Medal, scoring 95 points.

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Congratulations John - incredible result.